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Let Hyde School - Bath, ME know that you are interested in learning about their school. Provide your information below to request this school's viewbook and application. Your request will typically be processed within 24 hours. If you have more specific questions for this school, please use our Email Schools form instead.

Notes for Prospective Students

1.  Application (No fee for the application.  Application available here.)
2.  Copy of the student's transcript reflecting all academic work for the past two years and/or any and all high school classes taken.
3.  Recommendation(s):  At least one recommendation is required.  The form for the recommendation is available on the website.  Recommendations are also accepted through a phone call.
4.  Interview.  An in-person interview with at least one parent is strongly preferred, though video interview options are also available.  

Hyde School also accepts the Standard Application Online (SAO).


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