About Linden Tours

Linden Boarding School Tours provide excellent opportunities for international students, families, and counselors to meet with admissions representatives around the world. We use our experience and expertise in Boarding Schools to connect admissions representatives to families, consultants and counselors across the globe. We understand that every school is different, and that each student needs unique facilities, teaching and extra-curricular offerings. We understand that students desire different lengths of time abroad from that range from one year to many years. Likewise, summer programs range from a week to two months;  ESL opportunities are offered for both short and long term throughout the year; Post-graduate programs and immense opportunities for academics, arts, and sports, too, can be suited for a family’s needs and time constraints.  We make certain you have the latest information and tools to assist you in the decision-making process. In addition to physically attending our fairs, you may always find us online on our targeted websites.  

  • BoardingSchoolTours.com is our flagship website where you can read discover the advantages of boarding schools, find information about attending our upcoming fairs in your area, and find guides for choosing the right school.  
  • SummerSession.com is the ultimate guide to Summer programs at Boarding Schools around the world. Students may choose from a several weeks of academic or language studies, participate in a month-long sport camp, or study abroad with other international students.  
  • ArlenAdvisors.com is where you will find our highly experienced team of consultants. For over 20 years, the Arlen Group has helped families explore Boarding Schools of all types where their children encounter the right balance of challenge and encouragement to achieve their maximum potential. 
  • PremierBoardingSchools.org is a detailed and exhaustive listing of the best Boarding Schools that travel with Linden across the globe. Each pass rigorous standards of quality with exceptional teaching and caring for their students as paramount in their ethos.