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Since 2003, Boarding School Review has been providing a unique look into college-preparatory and junior boarding schools. We are the first and only service to offer alumni reviews, detailed school profiles, and interactive tools to help families research college-preparatory boarding schools. Our service saves applicants and their families a lot of time, but more importantly, gives them better information to make the best possible boarding school decisions.

Schools directly update the information on our site at regular intervals, to help provide the most current data for families. Schools also promptly respond to inquiries sent from our site, so that families can conveniently use our standardized forms to ask schools questions and receive free informational materials.

Our site aims to present its data, descriptions, and visuals in an impartial way that helps families gain a broader understanding of each school. Boarding School Review does not (and will not) offer an overall ranking of schools. We believe that there is no overall "best" school, as every student's needs and preferences are different. By making use of the information on our site, families will arrive at a more appropriate school choice than if they had relied on an overall ranking of schools.

Boarding School Review was founded by two boarding school alumni who never forgot the difficulties they faced when they were applying to boarding schools. Information was - and still is - sometimes hard to find. Comparing data between schools can be a difficult, time-consuming process. Independent, alumni reviews of a school are also tough to come by without personal contacts. Boarding School Review aims to help solve these problems.

The two founders happened to find boarding school as one of the most influential, positive experiences they've had. As you read the independent alumni reviews, you'll also find that boarding school alumni generally agree - going to boarding school can be one of the best decisions you'll make. Finding the best school for you is the next step, and we hope we can help.

Boarding School Review is a partner site of Private School Review, the most popular site for private school information, and Public School Review, a unique resource for researching public schools across the USA. This network of sites aims to help families learn about and make the best pre-college educational choices for their children.


To educate and energize families about college-preparatory boarding schools and the opportunities they offer. By providing information that is insightful and up-to-date, we help families make better educational choices. By making our research free, we invite all families into the school search process and help make boarding school as accessible as possible.


Javier Colayco went to boarding school at Northfield Mount Hermon School as an overseas student from the Philippines, and later attended Amherst College and Harvard Business School.

Brian Yoon went to boarding school at Northfield Mount Hermon School and graduated from Columbia University and Kellogg School of Management.

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General inquiries: information@boardingschoolreview.com

As the most popular online resource for boarding school information, our site receives over 160,000 unique visitors / month and more than 1.2 million page views / month.

For schools seeking a full-page listing on our site, please contact Javier Colayco at jcolayco@boardingschoolreview.com or Brian Yoon at byoon@boardingschoolreview.com to get more information. For advertising a 125x125 ad tile on our site, please read more information about our ad tile rates.


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