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Notes for Prospective Students

1. Commitment to Attend - Our students excel if they see the Academy as an opportunity to  grow, become independent, and face new challenges. We encourage applicants to partner with their parents in making the decision to attend the Academy. A high commitment typically results in G.P.A. improvement, engagement in sports and clubs, and a leadership position.

2. Academic Promise - We offer many academic supports, including tutorial period, study time, faculty office hours, and tutoring. However, students must be able to keep up with the rigor of U.C. standards. As we know studetns can improve once enrolled, we are more flexible than many other boarding schools regarding G.P.A. and test scores. 

3. Character and Discipline - We accept students who demonstrate they want to continue to develop and mature inside and outside the classroom. All students are expected to comply with the Cadet Guidebook policies. 


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