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Landmark School is the leading school in the US for students in grades 2 - 12 with dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities (SLD). Our coastal campuses are just 30 miles north of Boston. A daily one-to-one tutorial, challenging college preparatory curriculum, an individualized program for every student, specially trained faculty, robust athletics and other extracurriculars all contribute to our students' success. 94% of Landmark graduates attend college and 100% are accepted.

Landmark students possess average to superior cognitive abilities as measured by the Wechsler Scales (WISC 4 or 5 or WAIS). Well-developed reasoning and comprehension skills with relative weaknesses in processing speed and working memory are attributes of the Landmark student profile. Landmark accepts students who are struggling in traditional classrooms because their reading, writing, computing, and organizing skills do not match their cognitive potential. We accept students who have one or more of the following: Dyslexia/Reading Disability, Disorder of Written Language, Expressive Language Disorder, Executive Function Weaknesses. Learn more about our effective college preparatory program.


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