Gifts for the Boarding School Graduate

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Gifts for the Boarding School Graduate
May is the month for private school graduations. Boarding school graduation is an especially poignant occasion. Why not mark it with a special gift?
Chances are that if you went off to boarding school for three or four years, May is a very special month. AP exams are over. IB work is complete. You probably have your college acceptances in hand. Finally you can focus on graduation and leaving the school which has been your home away from home for these past several years.

You will most certainly receive graduation gifts to mark this very special occasion. With that in mind here are some suggestions which you might want to email to that favorite aunt or uncle. You know that mother and father will give you something special to commemorate your achievements. So I will leave the pens, watches and pendants off this list.

An iPad
This has to be the coolest gift going in 2010. Sleek. Fun. It's just so 2010. Tablets and netbooks just don't offer the same appeal. It's like Bang and Olufsen products. Beautiful, crisp, clean and elegant designs.

Bang & Olufsen BeoTime Aluminum Alarm Clock
Speaking of Bang & Olufsen, their alarm clock is a gift which you will keep forever. It's so unusual yet sublimely functional.

A Honda Metropolitan
Honda built a classic scooter a few years ago. It's been gently refined over the years and remains the perfect big city local transportation medium. It also works for large suburban campuses. Leave the car at home. Think green. Reduce your carbon footprint.

An A&F Gift Certificate
This gift expands or contracts to suit just about any budget. A&F apparel offers all kinds of choices to suit your new life-style as a college student.

Paris to the Sea
Imagine a month this summer (or next) biking around beautiful France. If you have been to France, you understand how intriguing all those little villages dotting the French countryside are. Experiencing them with a group of your peers under the experienced and watchful eye of a professional guide will make your summer after graduation a memorable one.

Well, you get the idea. These graduation gift suggestions are merely jumping off points for the hundreds of other possibilities for that special gift. Remember: it's not how much they spend which is important. It is the thought behind the gift which says "You have done well. Congratulations!"

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