Gifts for the Boarding School Graduate

Gifts for the Boarding School Graduate
May is the month for private school graduations. Boarding school graduation is an especially poignant occasion. Why not mark it with a special gift?

Chances are that if you went off to boarding school for three or four years, May is a very special month. AP exams are over. IB work is complete. You probably have your college acceptances in hand. Finally, you can focus on graduation and leaving the school which has been your home away from home for these past several years.

You will most certainly receive graduation gifts to mark this very special occasion. With that in mind here are some suggestions which you might want to email to that favorite aunt or uncle. You know that mother and father will give you something special to commemorate your achievements. So I will leave the pens, watches, and pendants off this list. To make things even easier, copy and paste the suggestions below in an email to your favorite relatives and family friends.

A Tablet

There's a tablet for every budget. These lightweight, portable devices allow you to do just about anything your graduate needs to do. Watch movies? Listen to videos? Play a game? Shop? She can do all that and so much more. Best of all, she can store all of her sensitive files such as term papers, applications, etc., in the cloud. Tip: read the reviews of the models you are considering, unless, of course, your graduate has specified a particular brand and/or model.

This video offers a review of a poplar tablet.

A laptop

If she needs a more robust computing solution, explore laptops. They are available in a wide variety of configurations and prices. They also are lightweight and portable. Again, check out the reviews unless she has told you what she wants.

A set of earbuds

Earbuds are very popular with teenagers. Earbuds come in several flavors, wired and wireless. While you may prefer the wired version, your young person will most likely opt for the wireless ones. Once again, you have many options and a wide price range.

A smartphone

The smartphone you bought him in 10th grade has served him well. But now, as he heads off to college and life even more detached from home and family, he needs a new smartphone. Like the rest of technology products, smartphones come in a bewildering variety of sizes, features, and prices. Ultimately, you will find something that will satisfy both of you.

This video offers a review of some popular smartphones.

A noise-canceling headset

If she is going to be going to a college far from home, a noise-canceling headset will be much appreciated. Whether she travels by train, bus, or plane, these headsets transport her into her own private world.

A Gift Certificate
If you have no clue what to give your college graduate, a gift certificate is always welcome. It's a gift that expands or contracts to suit just about any budget.

Well, you get the idea. These graduation gift suggestions are merely jumping-off points for the hundreds of other possibilities for that special gift. Remember: it's not how much they spend which is important. It is the thought behind the gift which says "You have done well. Congratulations!"

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