Applying To Schools: Is It Too Late?

Applying To Schools: Is It Too Late?
Can you get your children into private school well after the admissions deadlines have passed? The answer is a guarded "Yes!"

Your husband has just called to say that he got the promotion. The increase in responsibilities and money makes the move exciting. But it's July. And you will be relocating across the country. What are you going to do about the children's schooling? They have just finished 8th and 10th grade in the local public schools, which are in a really fine district. It's too late to apply to a private school, right?

This scenario gets played out in thousands of households all over the globe. If your spouse works for a multinational firm, chances are that he will have to spend some time abroad. It's also certain that your children will have to move in the middle of an academic year. Business never seems to pay heed to school calendars. Business is business and has a mind of its own.

This video discusses dealing with missed deadlines.

So, is it too late to get your children into a private school? Absolutely not. And, frankly, if you have any idea that future moves may be in the offing, you need to consider seriously settling your children into boarding school. The stability of boarding school will help insulate your children from the stress and strain of moving.

Admissions After the Deadlines

Truthfully you will probably not be able to get your children into one of the very selective, highly competitive boarding schools UNLESS you or your spouse attended one. It would certainly be a long shot, and all the planets would have to be aligned, but it is worth calling the admissions office. Legacies are usually treated as a special case.

If your children are not legacies, review the list of schools still accepting applications. The SSAT organization maintains such a list of schools. And it lists schools offering entry at different points in the school year.

This video discusses what happens when you miss deadlines.

Forget that nagging feeling that you might send your children to a 2nd class school. Those top New England boarding schools are wonderful, without a doubt. But there are hundreds of lesser-known gems in the boarding school world where your children will be happy and receive a solid education. A warming, caring school environment matters a great deal during a move. Children can feel quite fragile and clinging - even big children - during a move. Being in a situation with minimal stress and upheaval is a good thing.

Perhaps you are wondering why any self-respecting boarding school would have places late in the year. The truth is that parents withdraw their children for the same reasons you need to get them in. They are transferred, or perhaps family circumstances such as a divorce or death necessitate a move. Boarding schools plan their budgets around a certain number of students. So if they can get that open place filled even the day before school opens, they will make it happen.

Overseas Moves

If the move is overseas, your spouse's human resources department should be able to offer help and advice concerning finding good schools in your new locale. If your children are in primary or middle school, it will make sense to bring them along and put them in a local international school. They will be able to study an American-style curriculum which can make their transition to schools back home fairly smooth.

This video offers an overview of job transfers.

Boarding school for your teens is a really good option. Most teens find it difficult to adjust to new surroundings and friends. So if you get that over with by sending them off to boarding school, you could move again during their high school years, and it would not be a major upset to them.

In conclusion, applying to a private school is never too late. Assume nothing.

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