Attending International Boarding School Fairs

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Attending International Boarding School Fairs
The boarding school choices available to international students are as immense as they are exciting. Boarding school fairs, like Linden’s Summer & Boarding School Expositions, are the most comprehensive way to start you on your path to studying at one of these prestigious institutions.
The boarding school choices available to international students are as immense as they are exciting. Boarding school fairs, like Linden’s Summer & Boarding School Expositions, are the most comprehensive way to start you on your path to studying at one of these prestigious institutions. This video illustrates what we can do.
Throughout the year, we host events in all corners of the world to meet families, agents, and consultants and introduce them to our network of Premier Boarding Schools from the United States, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, and other countries. The fairs are free and organized months in advance to ensure you receive the most complete information.
When you come to an event, a team greets you and your family and guides you through the process of gathering information and meeting school representatives with programs suited to your goals and interests. Whether you're looking for a brief summer program, an intensive two-month summer course, a full academic year, or a Post-Graduate year, you have many options. Most schools have boarding programs for students ages 14-18. Some schools offer boarding for children as young as eight, and others often have Post-Graduate programs for students as old as 20. 
The fairs are held in central hotel exhibition halls typically in the afternoon to early evening. Families are welcomed in and asked if they are looking for a particular program, for example, summer programs featuring ESL in the United States. Using our expertise, we direct families to the schools with relevant programs. The atmosphere is warm and casual although serious discussions are encouraged. 
Fairs are free and open to the public. You may find a list of upcoming fairs here:
Linden's team includes ten full-time educational consultants to help you choose the Boarding School which best fits your child's needs. These consultants provide the support necessary for one of the most important decisions you make for your son or daughter. 
  • Student and family advisory services
  • Informed, personalized school recommendations and rationale
  • Junior and secondary Boarding School and independent day school advisory services
  • Special needs and therapeutic placement
  • Preparation for campus visits and interviews
  • Application assistance and essay guidance and review
  • SSAT preparation, testing and evaluation
  • Referrals for psychological educational testing and evaluation
Why Boarding School? 
Boarding Schools offer unique programs such as SAT Prep, English as a Second Language, Computer animation, Robotics, Art, Equestrian, Math, Radio/ TV Production, Theatre/ Musical Theatre, Foreign Language, Writing, Photography/ Film, Learning Differences, Literature, Music, Sciences, etc. They also offer sports such as Football, American Football, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Skiing, Swimming, Hockey and many more.
Graduates of Boarding School often end up attending the finest universities such as Harvard, Brown, and Yale, as well as European schools like Oxford, Cambridge, and the Sorbonne. They arrive there better prepared for academic rigor because they have learned how to be responsible at Boarding School. Studies show that Boarding School graduates not only excel at university but advance rapidly in their professional careers.
In this video, students share their take on boarding school.
One very important and unique aspect of Boarding Schools is the teachers. You will find they are passionate about educating young people and they love to teach. As discipline is rarely an issue in Boarding School, teachers are able to teach without having to police student behavior.
Most Boarding Schools have excellent sports facilities and the range of sports offered can be mind-boggling. You are likely to find a swimming pool, fitness rooms and playing fields where you will be able to enjoy everything from fencing to hockey and football/soccer to basketball.
If you are musical or artistic, you will relish the Boarding School environment where your talent will be nurtured and developed. Many schools have impressive arts centers and beautiful chapels with fine pipe organs. Choirs are common, orchestras abound and you will be encouraged to make your style of music.
Leaving home is never easy, but living at Boarding School is an opportunity not to be missed. You will grow-up faster and learn to better cope in a community where your peers are going through the same experiences. It’s always worth remembering that you will be supported by caring teachers and your parents are only a phone call or an email away.
The older, more established schools have traditional library facilities which in many cases are fabulously equipped. A typical Boarding School library will have the latest computing technology in addition to a vast array of books and print material.
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