Landing Your Dream Job in a Boarding School: Tips and Guidance

Landing Your Dream Job in a Boarding School: Tips and Guidance
Discover the secrets to successfully securing a teaching position in a private school with our comprehensive guide. We'll walk you through the online application process, offer tips on polishing your application, and provide insights into the specific requirements and expectations of boarding schools. Whether you're a seasoned educator or new to the field, this article will help you stand out and land your dream job in a boarding school.

If you haven't applied for a job in a couple of years, it's important to be aware of some key changes in the job application process. Nowadays, most job applications are conducted online, and applying for a private school job is similar in many ways to applying for a public school teaching position, with a few subtle differences. In this article, we'll guide you through the process and offer valuable insights to help you succeed in securing a teaching position at a private school.

Embrace the Online Application Process
The most significant change in recent years is the shift towards online applications. Private schools, like most employers, now expect candidates to apply online. This approach streamlines the screening process, making it faster and more efficient. Unlike the days of snail-mailed applications, today's process allows you to submit your information digitally, saving time and resources.

This video from Indeed explains how the online application process works.

Polish Your Job Application
Your job application is your first impression, so make it count. It should shout, "I have the qualifications and experience you're seeking, and I'm excited about the opportunity your institution offers." Take the time to review your answers and information before hitting the submit button. Pay close attention to grammar and eliminate typos to present yourself in the best possible light. Consider having a trusted friend or family member review your application for clarity and correctness.

Boarding School Specifics
Applying for a teaching position in a boarding school has its nuances. Here are five key things you must do:

a. Impeccable Credentials
Ensure your academic credentials are impeccable. Private schools often prefer candidates with degrees from renowned colleges or universities. Having a degree from a prestigious institution like Harvard, Yale, or Princeton can give you an edge. If you hold a bachelor's degree, emphasize your plans to pursue a master's degree shortly.

b. Stellar Recommendations
Strong recommendations are crucial. If you can secure a reference from someone the headmaster knows personally, that's a significant advantage. Otherwise, make sure your references provide unequivocally glowing feedback. Expect a phone call to verify your references, so ensure they can speak highly of you without hesitation.

c. Coaching and Extracurricular Activities
Be prepared to coach prep school sports or lead extracurricular activities. Familiarity with the school's traditions and rituals related to sports or clubs can make your application stand out. Offering expertise in activities like hockey, lacrosse, field hockey, or crew can be particularly attractive to private schools.

d. Follow Instructions
Follow the school's application instructions meticulously. If they request 3x5 card submissions, comply. Without precise instructions, submit a one-page cover letter with a two-page resume and three references. Supporting documents like transcripts and certificates can usually be submitted later.

e. Express Your Love for Teaching
Highlight your passion for teaching young minds. Private schools prioritize excellent teachers, so make sure your enthusiasm for education shines through in your conversations with potential employers.

This video offers suggestions on how to spotlight your strengths in your resume.

In conclusion, take your time with the application process, being thorough, detailed, and clear in your responses. Avoid rushing, save your work, and review it later to catch any typos or missing information. With these tips, you'll be well-prepared to land your dream job in a private school. Good luck!

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