What Alums Have To Say About Their Schools

What Alums Have To Say About Their Schools
Learning about a school from its website and social media pages is useful as you decide which school to choose. So is hearing what the school's alumni say about their alma mater.

As you work your way through the school search process, you will do your due diligence carefully. A school's website and social media pages are helpful. Visiting schools in which you are interested is very important. Hearing the positive things men and women have to say about the schools which they attended is also instructive.

Here are comments which alumni left on our Facebook page. I have edited them very slightly for capitalization and punctuation. Some alums attended boarding school in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Others are more recent graduates. Some mention the school they attended. Some do not. No negative reviews? Sure. But you can read those elsewhere on social media.

In their own words.

Best thing is if you want to go. I pressed my parents to send me. They didn’t want me to leave home. We loved each other, and I was an only child. But I wanted to go into the Navy and learn about naval school; so they let me go...Ben

I went for 9th-12th grades. At first, I struggled, but by 12th grade, it was like home to me...Nancy

Outstanding school, wonderful experience. The only regret is I was only able to spend my senior year there...Curt

A wonderful education and, although the boarding rules were strict, I made lifelong friendships!...John

Men of Integrity are hard to find these days - but there were many at Choate - I graduated in 1959....Tim

My opinion is that it is the best school in the world, the best organization of living in the campus, the education you offer to students and the recommendation that students receive, thank you The Lawrenceville School ...Maja

This video offers a look at The Lawrenceville School.

Hargrave Military Academy definitely helped me be the man I am today...Kevin

I graduated from Camden military academy in 1967. This school left a positive indelible impact on my life in honesty, trust, and a strong belief in God...Gerald

My boarding school is not on the list. I attended Montverde Academy in Montverde Florida. It was an excellent experience. I hated public high school so I was happy to go to a small school and learn how to live in a dorm with other young ladies. It prepared me for the United States Air Force. I was privileged to have the opportunity to be around like-minded students with similar upper-class backgrounds. When your family has money, you become a target in regular high school. I could not stand most of the people I was in public high school with because of their lack of goals. We had 100% college acceptance in our senior year with most of my graduating class going to Ivy League schools...Tiffany

Cranbrook was a great school. Excellent teachers. The only drawback was boarding. I wish I could have lived in the Bloomfield Hills area...Tom

Brentwood College School in Mill Bay BC, Canada. Right on the ocean 100% grad rate and like 73% of students get scholarship offers. Amazing school...James

Presumably, you are referring to San Marcos Academy in San Marcos, Texas, where one of my sons attended school decades ago. If so, that is a wonderful academic institution. The curriculum and the discipline from the military operations contribute to a wonderful experience for its students from around the United States and beyond.

This video offers a tour of San Marcos Academy.

In my son’s case, this early training was instrumental in his receiving knowledge and spirit later resulting from graduating from one of Texas's major universities and obtaining a Ph.D. in Medicine from one of America’s most prestigious schools in Massachusetts. 

Highly recommend any parent favorably consider sending their child to SMA...Gary

Fork Union Military School.is the entire reason I am alive today...Shawn

Hebron Academy was a good experience overall for me. I retain friends from those years to this day. Academically it got me into Bates where I got my B.A...Reed

The Hill School in Pottstown, PA was a great place...Calvin

At Hebron, one strength was the classic British “tutorial” situations. Examples: the “English” master would hold a weekly evening meeting at his house for a selected small group of students for tea and cookies, and discussions of selected topics. Individuals would be given reading assignments to be followed by a report and dialog with the master. Guidance into special interests would support an individual's development. I did this with the English master, at one point in symbolism in the late 19th century, and the Bloomsbury group’s style and philosophy. My French master tutored me in the history of music. I had projects like 20th-century Russian composers, Stravinsky's classic period, classical percussion in India...John

Oldfields School was the Best!...Sims

Oldfields School, Sparks-Glencoe, MD. The happiest years of my life!...Margo

Stuart Hall in Staunton, VA gave me a college education in high school! I loved it there!...Wanda

Happy to give 4 stars to Stoneleigh-Burnham School!...Linda

Attended Stoneleigh Burnham in Greenfield MA from 69-72 and thoroughly loved my experiences, friends (many that I still keep in touch with), and the education I received...Wendy

Riverside Military Academy. Was a great experience. Helped me deal with people during my lifetime. I went back a few years ago. By comparison, cadets today have it made....Jeffrey

I absolutely adored my boarding school! I wish I could go back, and I'm forty...Sara

Fishburne Military School, the best 4 years of my school life!..David

Loomis Chaffee in Windsor Connecticut four years of hard academic life but it got me into Yale when I graduated in 1968....Marianna

This video features four Loomis students giving a tour of the school.

I consider my two years at Holderness more relevant and character-building than my 4 years of college...Jessie

Kimball Union was a terrific experience for me that changed my life...William

I think The school I went to was fantastic! It was a time of my life I will never forget. Thank GOD we did not have cell phone cameras back then. LOL..C.J.

Four years at Fork Union Military Academy was the best beginning a young man can experience. I loved every minute spent there and what joy it gives me to know that it is thriving today. Class of 61...Ed

 rated my boarding school Riverside Military Academy at the top of the list as it made me what I am today a great man. At least in my own eyes if not in my fellow humans. It gave me the self-confidence to face the world and say I am me and I will succeed...Jack

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