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IMG Academy

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Years Attended Boarding School:
Sports and Activities:
Parent Review:The obvious non-academic involvement for students is comprehensive athletic training.This includes not only practice in their selected sport (lacrosse in our son’s case) but also in mental conditioning and movement training.IMG also offers a number of student clubs that offer whole-person development.
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To be determined
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Gulf Breeze, FL

Reflections and Advice:

1.) What do you think makes your school unique relative to other boarding schools?
Parent Review:The excellent blend of quality academics and first-class athletic training are what makes IMG an amazingly unique experience in my opinion as a parent of a first-year senior.While IMG boasts incredible athletic facilities and faculty, they are deeply interested in ensuring the academic success of their athletes. In fact, I felt the academic application process was more vigorous than its athletic counterpart.Coming from parents who highly value their student’s academic growth, this is something I found very impressive.It speaks volumes about IMG’s commitment to the full-spectrum growth of their student-athletes.
2.) What was the best thing that happened to you in boarding school?
Parent Review:Our son is getting valuable experience (in our opinion) with personal independence and also meeting/getting to know diverse peer groups. The sheer variety of personal backgrounds the students/faculty should be valuable for him to experience.
3.) What might you have done differently during your boarding school experience?
Parent Review:Early and often communication with the IMG staff can make the transition much more enjoyable. Don’t be hesitant to contact the administrative/academic/coaching staff with any questions whether you are a student or parent. They answer quickly and comprehensively.
4.) What did you like most about your school?
Parent Review:As noted above the incredible blend of great academics, first-class athletics, and the large number of students from diverse local and international backgrounds provides a wonderful opportunity for personal growth for students attending IMG.
5.) Do you have any final words of wisdom for visiting or incoming students to your school?
Parent Review:The IMG Legacy hotel right in front of the campus is great. Wonderful staff and comfortable accommodations make it a convenient choice for visiting your student. Book early for schedule events (parents weekend, graduation, etc.), though.


1.) Describe the academics at your school - what did you like most about it?
Parent Review:Teacher/coach involvement with both students and parents is top-notch at IMG. The academic and athletic faculty have had good interactions with our son and have all made open communication with parents a priority.Another great advantage for IMG students is the solid presence of international students from numerous countries. This provides a unique for students from various countries around the globe to get to know each other throughout the school year academically, athletically, and (most import in my opinion) socially.


1.) Describe the athletics at your school - what did you like most about it?
Parent Review:Well, what can I say about IMG athletics other than…amazing. As you would expect their facilities are second to none. But it is their coaches that really make the program shine.All coaches are not only accessible, but they really do have each athletes development as a whole person as a priority. They emphasize finding the right level of post-IMG athletic involvement tailored to each student’s development and desires. The second category there is really important to me. They seek to find out what athletic goal each student has in mind…not what goal someone else may have in mind for them.

Art, Music, and Theatre:

1.) Describe the arts program at your school - what did you like most about it?
Parent Review:This particular topic has not been applicable to our son.

Extracurricular Opportunities:

1.) Describe the extracurriculars offered at your school - what did you like most about it?
Parent Review:Student clubs are numerous and well advertised to parents. Within a few days of our son signing in to IMG we were sent a copy of the large list of extracurricular clubs available for student participation. There were approximately 20 clubs focusing on a variety of whole-person concepts.

Dorm Life:

1.) Describe the dorm life in your school - what did you like most about it?
Parent Review:Well, the dorms at IMG are actually better than many college dorms I’ve seen. The rooms available to students are not only well designed, but also allow for student interaction at the various indoor/outdoor common areas.There is a resident advisor on each floor who is not only available for student questions but also make themselves very accessible to parents via phone. Very nice to have.


1.) Describe the dining arrangements at your school.
Parent Review:The dining facilities are, as you’d expect, tailored to encourage good sports-related nutrition. However, there is ample opportunity for “comfort food” to supplement the normal facility food. Food choices are varied and good quality.Paying for our student meals (and other expenses) is easily accomplished through a solid payment application. And our son has seemed to be happy with the hours of the dining facilities.

Social and Town Life:

1.) Describe the school's town and surrounding area.
Parent Review:IMG does a great job of getting the students “out and about”. They provide trips to nearby beaches, shuttles to local shops, grocery stores, and religious establishments. The electronic sign in/out process is comprehensive and ensures the security of the students.
2.) Describe the social life at your school - what did you like most about it?
Parent Review:As mentioned above, the dorm setup fosters great social interaction. During down time the students can hang out at the pool right outside the dorms, enjoy the Florida climate and play pickup volleyball or basketball with each other as they see fit.This setup also encourages student to meet and get to know other outside their chosen sport.
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Alumni Reviews Review School

IMG Academy Alumni #1
Class of 2022
5.00 9/16/2022
St.Louis University
IMG is exceptionally well organized, efficiently run and super clean. The facilities are absolutely top notch and the one your post great experience that my son had was excellent. Nice dorm rooms, good food options. . .
IMG Academy Alumni #2
Class of 2021
5.00 9/16/2022
University of Miami
The campus at IMG is set up in a way that allows students to excel in the classroom in addition to outside of the classroom specific to their chosen sport. . .
IMG Academy Alumni #3
Class of 2018
5.00 2/27/2019
Augustana College
The athletic program is very unique to IMG. The focus on college and applications is also unique. . .
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  • Yearly Tuition (Day Students): $70,900
  • Average class size: 12 students
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