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Westtown School

About the Author:

College Enrolled Swarthmore College
Home Town, State (Country) -, -
Years Attended Boarding School 1
Activities During Boarding School International Student Organization Middle Eastern Dialogue Group Tour guide

Reflections and Advice:

1.) What do you think makes your school unique relative to other boarding schools?
Westtown is unique in that it is a Quaker boarding school. Students address their teachers by their first name and students are, generally, extremely down to earth and friendly. There is a sincere sense of tolerance and respect for people of different backgrounds and perspectives.
2.) What was the best thing that happened to you in boarding school?
I think that I matured a lot and became extremely independent and responsible. I did not have to make many of the adjustments that others had to when I began college.
3.) What might you have done differently during your boarding school experience?
I wish I would have gotten more rest. I burned myself out so much that I was exhausted by the second week. I would not have done anything differently in my application- it got me a full scholarship to attend Westtown!
4.) What would you never want to change about your school?
I would never change the friendliness of the people and overall sense of tolerance and respect that I found there.
5.) What things could be improved about your school?
I wish that the international student population could be larger.
6.) Do you have any final words of wisdom for visiting or incoming students to your school?
Just keep in an open mind and do not take for granted the Quaker environment that Westtown provides.
7.) How was your experience as an international student?
Westtown is great for international students. There is an international student director who is extremely friendly and always there. Also, there is an ESL teacher who is a lot of help for those who need. Westtown made many accomodations for internationals. For example, there is a U.S. History every year designed for international students


1.) What did you like best about your school’s academics?
Westtown offered a lot of very interesting courses such as Directing, the Holocaust and its Legacy, Astrophysics, African/Middle Eastern history, etc. The teachers were always there to help and they became more of friends than authority figures.
2.) What did you like least about the academics in your school?
We could not take more than 5 major courses.


1.) What did you like best about your school’s athletics?
I love the fact that there was a real sense of team spirit. I came in last during every one of my track meets, yet everyone cheered me one and I felt that I came in first every time.
2.) What did you like least about the athletics in your school?
Everyone was required to participate in a competitive sport every year. In the long run, I think it did me a lot of good, yet I was not fond of the idea at the time.

Art, Music, and Theatre:

1.) What did you like best about your school’s art program?
I thought that it was wonderful. I participated in theater as an actor and I got to direct through my directing class.
2.) What did you like least about your school’s art program?
I felt that people placed arts last on their list of priorities. Academics and sports were often valued more.

Extracurricular Opportunities:

1.) What did you like most about the extracurricular activities offered at your school?
There were a lot of different groups to join and there was always room to start your own clubs.
2.) What did you like least about the extracurricular activities offered at your school?
Some of the faculty were too busy to make sure that extracurricular life was vibrant on campus.

Dorm Life:

1.) What was the best thing about dorm life in your school?
There was a real sense of belonging. My hall felt like my family.
2.) What did you like least about dorm life?
They were very strict about having us abide by dorm rules and regulations.


1.) What was the best thing about your dining arrangements?
I loved the fact that we had a "moment of silence" before every meal.
2.) What did you like least about your dining arrangements?
It's boarding school food- what else can I say?

Social and Town Life:

1.) How welcome did you feel by the other students when you first arrived at the school
People were extremely friendly and really made me feel at home. At first, I thought it was just a joke, yet I discovered that people were genuinely nice.
2.) Describe the level of diversity and integration of students in your school:
At Westtown, I got to meet people from all over the country and from all over the world. That was really exciting.
3.) Describe typical fun activities you did on a weekend:
There were shuttles that took us to the mall, to Philly, to the movies. Also, there were lots of sun activities on campus such as board games and activities in the campus woods and lake.
4.) What was the town like?
Westtown is in a very small town. It was nice to be in a quiet area where we felt safe and the community became more of a "bubble".

Daily Schedule:

7:00 AMWake up, get ready
7:30 AMBreakfast
8:00 AMCollection
9:00 AMClass 1
10:00 AMClass 2
11:00 AMClass 3
12:00 AMLunch
1:00 PMClass 4
2:00 AMClass 5
3:00 PMClass 6
4:00 PMAfter-school check-out
6:00 PMDinner
7:30 PMStudy hall
9:30 PMHall meeting
10:00 PMGet ready for bed
10:30 PMLights out
10:00 AMWake up and get ready
10:30 AMDo on-campus work-job
12:00 AMBrunch
1:00 PMGo to the mall
4:00 PMTake a nap
5:00 PMStudy
6:00 PMDinner
7:00 PMWatch a movie with friends
9:00 PMCall family
10:00 PMStudy
12:00 PMSleep
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  • Westtown School Alumni #1
    Class of 2016
    5 Stars  
    Bard College
    Two aspects of Westtown that stand out in particular are its sense of community, and the education driven towards social change. Its sense of community is in part due to the fact that Westtown is. . .
  • Westtown School Alumni #2
    Class of 2016
    5 Stars  
    Bucknell University
    It is a very family oriented place. We're all living, working, and learning and a small space despite the acreage of the campus. Everything that happens at the school falls within a mile and a. . .
  • Westtown School Alumni #3
    Class of 2016
    5 Stars  
    Temple University
    Westtown had an extremely unique sense of community. One thing that helped to foster this was Work Program. This is a system developed at Westtown during World War II when most of the school. . .
  • Westtown School Alumni #4
    Class of 2016
    5 Stars  
    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
    I'm sure that the fact that Westtown School is a Quaker school influenced my experience there to a very high degree. There was this strong sense of community all over the place, with frequent events. . .
  • Westtown School Alumni #5
    Class of 2015
    5 Stars  
    Hamilton College
    Westtown's Quaker values are central to the school. Students are treated as members of the community, creating an atmosphere of mutual respect. An example of this is Work Program, a system where all students contribute. . .
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