Camden Military Academy - Review #9

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Camden Military Academy

About the Author:

Years Attended Boarding School:
Sports and Activities:
During my time at Camden Military Academy I got participated in cross country, track, weightlifting, Junior Leadership, Fife & Drum Corps, and JROTC. When I was in public school I never had a ride to be able to participate in any sports programs such as the ones I did here. Living on campus allowed me to do cross country, track, and weightlifting without worrying about transportation. Junior Leadership is a very selective program in which the high schools of Kershaw County select about five students from each school to participate. This program gave me a unique set of information about leadership and I was also given the Robert Sheheen Outstanding Student Leader Award for showing excellence in leadership. However this award probably wouldn't have been given to me if I didn't go through the mandatory JROTC program at CMA. The JROTC program at Camden Military Academy is different than the usual program because here the military aspect is always present. Through watching and learning many lessons leaders I was able to grow my character through this program. My senior year I was given the position of Battalion Commander because of my leadership skills; I was in-charge of the 300 cadets in the corps. Being in this position showed me how to lead by giving information to the commanders in each company so that they could directly lead their companies.
College Enrolled:
Stony Brook University
Home Town, State:
Westport, CT

Reflections and Advice:

1.) What do you think makes your school unique relative to other boarding schools?
An important aspect at Camden Military Academy that helped me succeed was the small classroom sizes because it allowed me to build strong relationships with my teachers which aided me to get high grades. The day to day structure that is established at this school helped me build strong study habits that will help me prepare for college.
2.) What was the best thing that happened to you in boarding school?
The best thing that happened to me in boarding school is that my confidence and maturity grew dramatically. I used to be so shy about talking to large groups of people because I was afraid about being judged. What I learned here is that I have to put myself in hard situations in-order to make me get used to feeling uncomfortable so I can break a fear. I became more mature because as being a leader at this school I had to learn how to respond maturely to the situations and find good solutions.
3.) What might you have done differently during your boarding school experience?
I have no regrets for what I have because the mistakes I made were lessons that turned me into a better person. Advice that I would give to students that are arriving is that they should just do what they are told because fighting against all the rules will make their experience at this school worse.
4.) What did you like most about your school?
What I enjoyed the most at my school was the friends I was able to make. Because of the environment that we are in here, I was able to build strong relationships with the people I met here.
5.) Do you have any final words of wisdom for visiting or incoming students to your school?
In my opinion the best barracks to live in is Band & Staff company because it is the most relaxed and you can have a lot of fun there with the people you meet. The only downside to living in that company is that you wont be living in nicest barracks which are Charlie and Delta.


1.) Describe the academics at your school - what did you like most about it?
The academics at Camden Military Academy will help prepare you for college. The thing I like most about the academics at CMA is the opportunity to take Dual Credit courses. These courses require more work but they are very rewarding. These courses are college courses taught by a college professor who comes to our school and for completing the course you get high school and college credit. there are 6 periods a day that are 40 minutes long and we also have 20 minute tutorial sessions and learning centers if a cadet is falling behind. Something that also helped me was the mandatory study hall periods from 7:30pm to 9:00pm which allowed me to set a designated time where I had to focus and do work.


1.) Describe the athletics at your school - what did you like most about it?
The sports at CMA are not mandatory but the school offers many choices from football to golf and the rifle team the 13 options are very diverse. The schools we compete against are local schools and schools that are small around us and our competitiveness varies year to year because we have new players every year. We have a tennis court, bb rifle range, baseball field, track, football field, weight room, pool, indoor and outdoor basket ball court, and a lacrosse field. The coaching varies depending on the year again because not all of our coaches are the best but sometimes a student has a vast amount of information and they assist the team. The family aspect of a sports team is very strong here because not only do we practice together, we also live together thought the school year.

Art, Music, and Theatre:

1.) Describe the arts program at your school - what did you like most about it?
The Music program is very good at this school if you want to learn how to play in the band or fife and drum corps. The band director, Chief Slade, is very skillful when it comes to teaching us how to use these instruments, however string instruments are not expressed here. There is not visual arts program at this school but we do have a theater program. Our theater program is not exceptional but they put on play's which the main focus of them is entertainment.

Extracurricular Opportunities:

1.) Describe the extracurriculars offered at your school - what did you like most about it?
Key club is the most pronounced volunteer program that we offer at this school in which their main project is the thirst project in which they obtain funds to provide water wells in developing countries. This program also goes around our area to help in small events like 5ks. This program will help students get volunteer hours and also learn about leadership as they move up in positions in the program. Another Club that is offered is Civil Air Patrol in which they learn about the air force, learn about planes, and as well volunteer for local events. The most unique program that is offered is the Kershaw County Junior Leadership because it is very selective and it will help prepare students to become future leaders in the world.

Dorm Life:

1.) Describe the dorm life in your school - what did you like most about it?
At Camden Military the grade levels go from 7th to Post-grad years and everything in-between. The grades are all mixed and spread out into groups of 60 and they each get assigned to one of 5 companies. The rooms have 2 students and sometimes three and the roommates assigned are typically the same grade, grade bellow, or grade above the students. Each company has a central bathroom which has toilets and showers that everyone shares. The option for late night food is that it has to be your own food that you bring to campus or that is sent in the mail, we cannot have microwaves, fridges, etc. You are allowed to bring gamin systems and telephones but there is no wifi in the barracks unless you bring a hotspot. The reason for there not being wifi is because we need to go to bed earlier than normal due to our early wake up of 6am. You are allowed to switch companies and switch roommates if you prefer to be with other people.


1.) Describe the dining arrangements at your school.
There are 3 mandatory meals a day in which the whole school eats at the same time. Right before the meal we have a accountability formation and we go in and eat. Breakfast is at 7:15, lunch at 12:15, and dinner is at 6:15. In the morning we can have eggs, biscuits, yogurt, cereal, pancakes, bananas, depending on the day of the week. Lunch and dinner meals are souther dishes and they go on about a three week rotation schedule. During all meals there is an option for peanut butter & jelly sandwiches along with milk and the dining hall can adjust to allergies and diets that people may have. During the Lunch and dinner meals there is a salad and desert bar available as well. I enjoy the meals that are given to us, it is not a 5 star restaurant, but it can compare to good home meals.

Social and Town Life:

1.) Describe the school's town and surrounding area.
There aren't many attractions in the towns nearby but the school does offer trips in which they take us to carowinds, water rafting, paint balling, skiing, and going to Washington DC. There are many more trips than that but you are also allowed to go out to eat if a teacher invites you to and you are also allowed to go to a movie trip in-town. What I like about the school's surroundings the most is that we live right next to a small airport in which cadets can sign up for flight lessons and we get to see some unique aircrafts as-well sometimes.
2.) Describe the social life at your school - what did you like most about it?
What I like the most about the social life at the school is that your friends are closer to you than they would be at a public school. Living with your best friends makes them become more like brothers towards the end of the year, you can have an incredible amount of trust with the people you meet here. My favorite part is that now with all the friends i have made here at this school, now I have friends that live all across the country that I can go see if I'm in their area.
Read more details about Camden Military Academy on their 2024 profile page.

Alumni Reviews Review School

Camden Military Academy Alumni #1
Class of 2021
5.00 5/19/2021
University of North Georgia
My time at Camden military was one of the best things I have done. It shaped me into a better and more independent individual. My grades skyrocketed so much since leaving my old school, and. . .
Camden Military Academy Alumni #2
Class of 2021
5.00 5/19/2021
Covenant College
This school creates extreme bonds with brothers you will forever remember. Me and my brothers worked hard together, learned together, and learned the values of truth and discipline. Camden Military Academy is a life changer. . .
Camden Military Academy Alumni #3
Class of 2021
5.00 5/18/2021
CU Boulder
There is a brotherhood that can be found nowhere else. I would not trade in my experience here for anything. This has been a one in a lifetime experience. The teachers here can help the. . .
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Quick Stats (2024)

  • Enrollment: 300 students
  • Yearly Tuition (Boarding Students): $29,590
  • Acceptance rate: 80%
  • Average class size: 12 students
  • Application Deadline: None / Rolling
  • Source: Verified school update