Lowest Teacher:Student Ratio (2017-2018)

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  • Among "Military Schools", view the boarding schools with the lowest teacher:student ratio.
  • Teacher:student ratios are only one indicator of student attention, as they merely indicate the number of adults on campus (in a teacher-related capacacity) relative to the number of students.
  • The teacher:student ratio is different than the average class size at a school and should not be confused as such.

Lowest Teacher:Student Ratio

Among Military Schools (out of 19 schools)

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  • Boarding School T:S Ratio Grades Location
  • 1.
    Grades: 6-12, PG
    78 Academy Avenue
    Cornwall-on-HudsonNY 12520
  • 2.
    Grades: 7-12
    5755 North State Road 9/P.O. Box 240
    HoweIN 46746
  • 3.-4.
    Grades: 7-12, PG
    520 Hwy. 1 North
    CamdenSC 29020
  • 3.-4.

    Grades: 8-12, PG
    200 N. Carlisle St.
    New BloomfieldPA 17068
  • 5.-6.
    Grades: 7-12
    225 S. Wayne Avenue
    WaynesboroVA 22980
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