Best Dual Language Immersion Programs Boarding Schools (2024)

For the 2024 school year, there are 8 boarding schools that offer programs/support for students with dual language immersion program , serving 699 students.
The most popular immersion language choices are Spanish and Mandarin.

Top Dual Language Immersion Programs Boarding Schools (2024)

Admiral Farragut Academy
Admiral Farragut Academy Photo - Steeped in history, with alumni in the White House, on the moon's surface, professional athletes, and key leadership positions worldwide, Admiral Farragut Academy is an international preparatory school offering elite academics and outstanding global leadership development. AFA's global headquarters and international boarding school is on the waterfront in tropical St. Petersburg, Florida.
501 Park Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
(727) 384-5504
Grades: 8-12
K-12 (day)
| 467 students
900 South Brehm Lane
Carbondale IL, IL 62901
(618) 457-0371
Grades: 6-12, PG
| n/a students
Chemin de Rovéréaz 20
Lausanne, Switzerland 01012
Grades: 6-12
Pre-K-12 (day)
| n/a students
Lustre Christian High School
2747 Masonic Drive
Park Cit, MT 59063
(435) 355-4534
Grades: 9-12, PG
| n/a students
NLCS Jeju Photo - NLCS Jeju campus
Edu City Ro
Jeju, South Korea 63644
Grades: 5-12, PG
K-12, PG (day)
| n/a students
The Putney School
The Putney School Photo
418 Houghton Brook Road
Putney, VT 05346
(802) 387-6201
Grades: 9-12, PG
| 232 students
7808 Pierre Dr
Summerland, Canada V0H 1Z2
(250) 274-6723
Grades: 7-12
K-12 (day)
| n/a students
Woodstock School
Landour, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand
Landour, India 248179
Grades: 6-12
PK-5 (day)
| n/a students

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